Charitable Requests

With a variety of local fundraising activities, environmental programs, Bike Runs, public service organization and charitable donations; High Jackers contributes to a number of worth while causes and charities.

Complimentary merchandise and gift certificates are available through our restaurant as available. This includes trade-outs with other local businesses to reward their employees.

How to Apply

To submit your request for a fundraiser, please mail or drop off your written proposal on your organization’s official letterhead to us

Written proposals are to be sent to:

High Jackers
c/o Charitable Requests
202 Airport Road
Palm Coast, FL 32164

Please submit the following information:

1) Date requested, time, organization, contact information, and the specific purpose for the fundraiser briefly summarized on 1-2 pages. The request should also detail how the donations will be used.

2) Information about your organization, including proof of 501(c)(3) status and sources of funding.

All requests are reviewed on an ongoing basis. It may take 2-3 weeks to review your request, so please allow enough time if your request is related to a specific event. You will be notified of the restaurants decision by mail or phone.

The hardest part is being unable to donate to every charity and organization. However, we at High Jackers will do our very best to continue to support our wonderful community in any way we can.

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