First Class

Served with choice of black beans and rice, garlic smashed potatoes, or French fries and 2 corn fritters.


Fried Shrimp 12-16.99, 8-13.99

Butterflied and lightly dusted served with tartar sauce.



Coconut Shrimp 12-17.99, 8-14.99

Served with raspberry dipping sauce.



Clam Strip Dinner 10.99

The hojo tradition served with our tartar sauce.



Ahi Tuna Dinner 20.99

Served with HighJackers wasabi ginger sauce. Grilled or blackened.



Fish and Shrimp Combo 15.99

Lightly fried and served with a creamy Thai sauce.



Fried Fish Dinner 15.99

Mild white fish lightly breaded. Served with tartar sauce.



Mahi Mahi Fish Dinner 17.99

Blackened or grilled. Served with tartar sauce.



Chicken Finger Dinner 11.99